Baskets.Finance — was launched on the Fantom network

Baskets.Finance — Cross-chain DeFi protocol for Baskets of Assets, Indexes, and Asset Management was launched as an early beta on the Fantom network. The project became a finalist of the April hackathon from Binance

The starting functionality is to buy a basket of assets in one click. When you buy a basket of assets, all tokens will be credited to your wallet. After, you can sell them both individually and in a basket as a whole.

At the time of publication, two baskets are available:

  1. Top Projects on Fantom Network (which includes…

Hey everyone, we present our project for Binance Hackathon. We have created MVP in a week. Below we will give a quick overview of some of the main functions of the future protocol.

Baskets.Finance is a DeFi protocol for creating and managing baskets of assets and indices on different blockchains (currently, the main focus is on ETH and BSC)

The protocol allows users to buy baskets of assets from various sectors of the crypto market, such as DEXes, Oracles, Farming, Landing & Borrowing, NFT, etc. At the initial stage, Core Baskets are selected by us according to various criteria, such…

Demo video of our MVP for Binance Hackathon

Watch demo video of our MVP for Binance Hackathon…


DeFi Protocol for Baskets of Assets and Indexes

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